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Hey, I'm Coach Becky! 


I began coaching CrossFit and high school water polo in 2014. By 2016 I had launched my own personal training business and water polo club team. Since then I've switched gears away from water polo to focus more on personal coaching and teaching sports performance.  Soon after that, I received my 200 hr teacher training in 2018 and began teaching yoga.

I played sports through high school and junior college. I played water polo and swam, and dabbled in wrestling on the boys team at my school. After sports, like many, I struggled to find a groove as a "non-athlete". I began running and competing in triathalons and running races. I found CrossFit in 2013 and felt like it was the missing piece to fill my need to be athletics. Because of CrossFit I also fell in love with Olympic Weightlifting, and competed in my first Weightlifting competition a few years after.

My career in athletics is truly my passion. I specifically chose to focus on working with female teens and adults. Working within the realm of feminine athletics is a personal experience for me, as I aim to equal out the imbalances that I feel are present for women in sports, especially and weightlifting. I aim to make weightlifting accessible to all women at any age. 

Outside of my career, I am a cat mom, youngest sibling of 4, and an aunt to 14 nieces and nephews. I love nerdy sci-fi/fantasy fiction novels and books. I spend time at the beach with friends and family. I love cooking and making healthy versions of food I love. I enjoy my vacations either in the hot desert, on the beach, or camping/hiking in the mountains. Most weekends you'll find me on a hike, relaxing at home, or spending quality time with friends and family. 

"The time that I invested into athletics was not just about playing a sport, or even my health; it was an investment into an extremely valuable education about myself.

-Coach Becky

Coaching Philosophy 


As a coach I am a teacher, educator, and guide. You are the expert of your own body because you are the only person who knows what you feel in a think in your body. My role is arm you with knowledge and understanding of your own body so that you are empowered to make appropriate decisions for yourself, in and out of the gym. 

The hour that you spend with me in a workout, yoga class, or personal coaching session should be your best hour of the day! It's the hour where you put yourself first and do something that makes you feel great. It's an hour of mental training and therapy to carve you into best version of yourself so that all the other hours in your day are even more awesome!

Whoever I work with, I aim for you feel heard and understood, validated and reassured. I aim to provide safe and accsible workouts so that you can make progress and have fun! if you enjoy it you'll keep doing it!

I truly believe that having an education about your own body, mind, and emotions is the most valuable experience to gain from life. Your investment of time, energy, and money will be maximized by utilizing the experience of a knowledgeable coach, and I promise

it will change your life!

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My podcast episode on The Thought Leader's Business Lab was ranked in the top 10!

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