Coach Becky's Guide to Getting Started

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Has your training hit a stand still? Are you struggling to start a new routine? Are you feeling overwhelmed or like you don't have enough energy to get over the hump of starting new?

That's okay. It's totally normal! Every single person no matter how skilled or trained will hit slumps and stand stills. The important thing to note is that getting over the stand still is a mental skill. It's something that is learned and can be practiced, and gets easier over time. That means that anyone that wants to move forward (ie you, in this situation) CAN and WILL learn how to get over the hump and make forward progress again. 

In my Guide to Getting Started, I've designed a super easy and painless process to get you moving in the right direction quickly! You'll start to build some forward momentum in the smoothest way possible. Once you get going, keeping the momentum going gets so much easier. 

I promise, this easy and painless step will get you on the path to reaching Alpha Goddess status in no time. 

What to expect from the

Guide to Getting Started:

A PDF detailing 6 days of simple and clear steps to get you to overcome the hardest hurdles

Guiding questions to help you connect to your purposeasy 

Empowerment to carve out time in your schedule for your goals

Zero costs, no equipment, very little time commitment to get started

Easy and quick ways to see and feel your progress

Guidance towards your next steps to keep the ball rolling