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Coach Becky's

3 Week Rev It Up Program

A FREE downloadable workout program

to jump start your gym routine

Are you lost at the gym? You show up, you're there, but then you don't know what to do? You want to work out, but you're just not sure how to spend your time at the gym?

You are going to love this program! In just 3 quick weeks, your gym routine will transform to the most productive hour of your day. You're going to work hard without even thinking about it. Show up, get your sweat on, love the way you feel.

The best part? You can grab a friend to sweat with to make it even more fun!

Why I made the Rev It Up Program

I started going to the gym when I was in my mid-twenties, after my water polo competition years were over, and I was L-O-S-T. I had no idea what to do with myself at the gym. I would show up, walk around, do some cardio, but it just wasn't cutting it for me. It felt hard to find the motivation to go when I didn't know what I was going to do, and whatever I was going to do wasn't going to produce the results I wanted. 

I did some internet browsing and downloaded an online program. I started watching how-to videos and engaging with in online communities to ask questions. I took that info in to the gym, and sure enough I started to see changes in my body and my mindset. One success turned into another, and another, and another, and I built an education and lifestyle that turned into a career. Now here I am sharing this with you, to help you along your path. Who knows where it could lead you! It won't lead you anywhere unless you take the first step.

What to expect from 

Coach Becky's 3 Week Rev It Up Program

Wouldn’t you love to stop the daily struggle to “try and be healthier” and finally just BE healthier. It’s exhausting to always feel like you’re battling every choice you make.  The Rev It Up Program is designed to help you take those first steps onto a path that will lead you to a seamlessly healthier lifestyle, without having to battle with yourself before every gym session.

benefits will include...

Productive and effective use of gym time

Full-hour workout that builds each day and week with strength, skill, cardio, & accessory.

Easy-to-use modification guidelines for you to make the workout your own

Improved movement technique and skill

Built in partner workouts makes it easy to grab a friend to sweat with

Bust through your gym slump and start seeing results FAST!

True change comes from an inner desire to be somewhere else other than where you are right now.


By filling out the form below for Coach Becky's 3 Week Rev It Up Program, you can expect to receive an email with the document to download in minutes. Once you get the email, you can use and reuse the program as often as you like. There will be a link for you to connect with the Facebook group The Lifelong Athlete, where you can ask any of your questions and find quick answers. Get the support and motivation you need, included with this program, and start seeing a change in your gym routine NOW!



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